Thursday, January 20, 2011

Letting Go

Awareness is an amazing thing. If I really, really pay attention to where my thoughts go, I'm so very grateful no one can read them. A real lesson in readjusting my thinking. And part of that process has come from watching others and how they react to negative situations around them. It's true what they say, often when you dislike a quality or characteristic in someone else, it may be that you recognize that very same thing in yourself. The trick is letting yourself acknowledge that, own it, and (if you really don't like it) turn it around. Fascinating. Not easy, but so much more freeing than holding onto resentment, criticism, competitiveness, and negative thinking. Letting go can be so liberating. May it be so!


  1. Wonderful comments on mindfulness practice. When we are awake to the present moment we can respond from a place of loving-kindness and compassion instead of the usual zombie mode of consciousness, which usually gets us into a world of trouble.

  2. Truly high praise coming from you Todd...thanks! It's been an eye- , heart-, and mind-opening year for me!