Friday, January 14, 2011

An Extraordinary Day

That's what today is. Extraordinary. Nothing today will be quite like any other day. Today we're given a fresh canvas. Some of the elements are the same, but the entire day stretches before us and gives us the chance to be a better us. Right now, we can move forward and be a positive force in someone's life. Right now, we can look around us and say, "How very fortunate I am to have been given another day. I'm thankful." Right now, we can give a smile, pat a shoulder, lend an ear, look someone in the eye, and really connect. Right now, we can forgive ourselves for the mistakes we made yesterday, and look at today with the eyes of a child:

see the sunrise as though it was our first, hear the birdsong and recognize the timelessness of the sound, feel the crisp cold air and recognize the thousands and thousands of winter days gone and to come; smell the freshness in that cold air, and breathe in a new day of life. All these sensory experiences allow us to recognize both our insignificance and our good fortune in this great big world. It's a brand new day...make it a good one.

1 comment:

  1. That's very eloquent, Lori, and good advice. I especially like the idea of forgiving oneself for the previous day's mistakes. This made me smile.