Thursday, March 5, 2009

Snow Days

So, I know that there are folks in Florida who might love to see a good snow like we've just experienced here in Central Virginia (well, at least my sister would...) but I have to say, I'm over it. I haven't been able to get out and really exercise, and this happens to be spring break week at UMW, which means the fitness center is on limited hours (e.g., they close at 6, and I can't make that work). After the initial beautiful-ness of it all, I'd like it to go away. Now we're dealing with half melted piles of dirty, grimy snow and the accompanying sand and salt laden roads and parking lots, and tracking all that into my car and home. Ugh! I like a good old Virginia snow, where we get a decent amount that allows for a few hours of snow play, and within 24 hours it's sunny and 50 and the snow is gone!

I did get out and enjoy the snow, went for two walks, one by the river, and took some nice photos. It was beautiful.

Add the yucky conditions outside to the sinus infection inside my head, and this means little to no running training for me. Time to hit the non-homeopathic solution and get some antibiotics for this, as the constant aching, congestion, and lethargy are really getting to me.

Come on spring, I am so ready for you!