Monday, January 26, 2009

Absence = Better!

Haven't written here in a while, but that turns out to be a good thing. My holiday funk cleared, the prescription I'm taking has 'normalized' my overall mood and irritability, and I have just been busy with life.

Have done a couple of training 'runs' -- which means I've met with the training group twice; the longest I've run thus far without stopping is 1/2 a mile. And that is awesome! I love this challenge I've set for myself, and am optimistic that whatever level of fitness I achieve between now and Labor Day is fine with me. My mini goal, however, is to run a mile without a walking break by the end of February. I plan to blog my progress here, interspersed with the occasional observation of life post.

Facebook has been hopping with all kinds of 'new' friend sightings, and that has really been fun. Caught up with a friend I hadn't seen in 28 years, we spent an evening of wine, gnoshing and catching up -- great fun.

Now I'm just hoping for some snow tonight, and a snow day perhaps?!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Year of Turning 50

And so it begins. The offical year I will turn 50 years old. And I've made a goal: I have registered to participate in the Rock & Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach, VA on Labor Day weekend. Yes me, non-runner that I am. And I blame it on Wii Fit. My little jogs w/Wii Fit of late, combined with my need for a challenge and desire to lose weight and get more healthy this year, prompted me to take the plunge. Thanks to Lee and the rest of the team that will be training and participating together, I made the commitment yesterday and signed up. I know that I will receive a lot of encouragement and support from this group, and what fun it will be to do this with them! Rebecca is on board, hopefully will train a little with me and will definitely be there to cheer me on. On your mark, get set...egads!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Other Side

In so many ways. Coming to the end of a two week break from work, and back to the reality of some more uncertainty there. Coming out of some rather gloomy days for me emotionally, and feeling more like myself every day. Coming into the new year with a sense of calm and purpose, having taken some steps toward taking care of me without taking anything away from Rebecca. I see more yoga and meditation in my future, and this makes me very happy. I have also made preliminary plans for next Christmas (yes, already) so that I can be with family and it will be an enjoyable event for me and for Rebecca. Karl will have to figure something out. Whatever he does, it will not become my problem. And for the next three days my goal is to get back into a normal schedule, after staying up too late and sleeping in. This Monday will be hellish unless I can re-adjust my sleep cycle! Overall, it was a good holiday break, with a good balance of alone time, time with Rebecca, and time with friends. 2009 is the year I turn 50 -- a true milestone and one I am looking forward to as I focus more on my emotional and physical health. Onward!