Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Taking In, Letting Go

"To “let go” means not to worry about the future, but look forward to what might happen."

I've been considering why it is that often we hold onto stress, when we know very well what we can do to let it go (yoga, meditation, exercise). Sometimes I think it's because the stress keeps us keyed up, raising our level of anxiety which in turn keeps us moving forward, propelling us to keep hacking away at whatever it is we're trying to achieve or accomplish. In essence, we're holding our breath.

We've all heard it. When we're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, angry, whatever the emotion, the advice is: "Breathe." So simple. And yet so easy to forget, to really take in and let go. And our response is usually, "I don't have time." But we do. And we must. Our health demands it. And really, we're not serving anyone else...our families, our clients, our employers, our co-workers...if we're not breathing.

I've been working on release...of stress, of worry, of anxiety...and am taking more time to's amazing what we can take in, and what we let go of.

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