Monday, November 22, 2010


Grateful for so many things this year. For friends who embrace me as a whole. Grateful for friends who acknowledge my quirkier parts and see them as attributes. Grateful for a daughter who sees me at my worst and yet thinks I'm the best. Grateful for a compatible divorced relationship with my ex. Grateful for those friends who understand when you disappear or go 'under' for a time, and let me know they're still there when I emerge. Grateful for a job that challenges me and constantly teaches me that there are many ways to get the job done. Grateful for this little town I live in that, despite closing in on me occasionally, almost always feels like home. Grateful for aging. Grateful for the seasons, that keep coming despite all that we have done to disrupt some of nature's beautiful cycles. Grateful for those moments in my life where I have to step back and understand the other side of's never so simple that you can just walk away knowing you are 'right'. No matter the situation, there is something you can learn...and I am grateful for those lessons. I'm grateful for the opportunities I've had to help needy animals, and am so grateful for the joy of seeing those animals in safe and loving homes. Grateful for the home Rebecca and I have shared together for the past seven years. Grateful for those friends who, in my moments of self-doubt and crumbling confidence, hear me out and talk me down. Grateful for the realization that I cannot be what others expect me to be, and grateful that someone else's assumptions do not equal my truth. I'm so grateful for my family. As spread out as we are, I know the love is there, and the history we share has made us all who we are. I'm grateful for all of it, the good and the bad. I'm grateful for the heartache I've experienced with friendships that have faded. I'm grateful that I know, deep in my heart, that I have been honest and acted with good intentions in those friendships. I'm grateful that I did my best to bridge gaps and open the lines of communication. I'm grateful that true friendships don't really take that much work or effort. I'm grateful for the abundance of natural beauty in my life, and that I'm able, as much as ever, to notice those small, simple, beautiful things every single day. They can fill my heart in a very special way. I'm grateful for each season, holiday, month, year that I'm able to walk this earth and appreciate her gifts. I'm so very grateful.


  1. You are very rich indeed. Thank you for sharing your gratitude...and you!

  2. Yes, hi is very rich. I want to be too