Monday, November 1, 2010


No blog posts usually equals tranquility in my life, and that's true in this case. Unfortunately, it doesn't always mean resolution (as it relates to previous posts.) No face to face, no apologies, no acknowledgment of wrong assumptions. I guess it makes me a little sad, but I'm not looking back.

Seems like we've been non-stop busy since early summer. All good stuff, but I'm anxious for some weekends with no plans. I need to get more painting done (house...I'm no artist!) Heck, I still need to get some laundry done! But Rebecca and I have had some fun weekends, and getting into the rhythm of her staying with her dad every other weekend means I've had more me time. I've foregone many a party and many a musical outing in favor of that me time, and no regrets there. Trying to get a good balance of work, volunteer, and family time. It seems to be working, so far.

Holidays are fast approaching, and we've got good plans coming up. Finally getting out to Reno to see my brother and his house that he's worked so hard on improving (and keeping...) and Rebecca and I have a fun trip to Florida planned for the winter break. Once again I've had a good year of connecting with new friends and reconnecting with old. Some things have changed, but ultimately all for the good. And the old adage comes back to mind, "Never regret anything that made you smile." Indeed.


  1. Thanks for that post. It was very entertaining

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