Friday, September 10, 2010


Deep breath in, looooooooooooooong breath out. I remember when I was in labor with Rebecca, I had miserable lower back pain and ridiculous, irregular contractions. The nurses were patient, even as loud as I was (they said they'd heard worse....) At one point, one of them told me it helped to hold the exhale as long as I could. And she was right. When I could really focus and hold my exhale, the pain lessened. Of course, when the new love of my life showed up in the form of the anesthesiologist and I finally received the pain injection, the pain really lessened.

Still, there is something to be said for breathing...especially breathing out. Long, long breath out. There, that's better.


  1. Love it when I remember how to breathe.
    Thanks for all the recent posts; kinda inspiring. Yeah. Maybe I'll take the time to write my own somethin, somethin.


  2. Please do, Em. I love when you blog. :)