Saturday, May 30, 2009

What's Not to Like?

So, a friend and I went to see Little Feat last night. I had never seen them live, so was looking forward to it, knowing of course it would never be the same as seeing them while Lowell George was alive. We weren't certain about the weather, but after a storm pushed through and it cooled off some, we were optimistic. After a little tour of Silver City (aka Celebrate Virginia) we found the Celebrate Virginia Live section of town. Parking was a mini adventure, with several folks spinning their wheels in beautiful red mud. The parking attendants got a little smarter, and had us park where there was more grass, and Bill backed the car in.

We ran into friends on the way in, and after catching up briefly, were on our way to will call. A friend was kind enough to give me two free tix, so we picked these up and were on our way. We picked our way through some mud, saw more friends, and made our way through the crowd to stake our claim. At this point it became very apparent that we were in for a little mini Woodstock: mud, hippies (albeit the 21st century variety), and some very drunk (or something) music lovers. Even if the music sucked, this was going to be fun!

Found a decent spot, set up our chairs, and then stood in line for beer tickets and then beer. As we sat back down, the folks immediately in front of us were getting a bit raucous, and one guy threw beer all over the girl next to him. One person in their group was pissed, but the girls behind them were even more so, and promptly moved. This gave us the equivalent to a bulkhead seat, with no one directly in front of us, which meant more people used this area as a walkway, and gave us even more to look at.

Which brings me to the crowd. Wow, a feast for the eyes. Young hippie type girls doing hoola hoop (and very well, and not just around their waists), old hippies wandering around with that vague expression in their eyes, obviously reliving their youth and glad to be there, grandparents with small children -- it was the full gambit. I saw women my age, missing several teeth and fully made up (seriously, quite the contrast) strutting (or was it staggering?) about and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Bill and I watched, sipped, and chatted. The music started, and I have to say I was underwhelmed. It vaguely sounded like Little Feat, but lacked the crispness and clarity that were such trademarks of their sound. It ended up being more like a beer party with music accompaniment than a concert, but it was still a fun time. After about six songs and on-again, off-again rain, we decided to head to the car. About halfway there, the rain came down harder and we were very glad we'd made the decision to head out. Bill eased the car out of the spot with no problem, and we were on our way.

It was a good time, and I'm glad we went. As a friend said to me today: music, mud, beer, and rednecks -- what's not to like?


  1. It takes a very special band to sound great live. I guess people go to see some bands for the memories, atmosphere, and high times. :-)

  2. You are definetly right man