Friday, November 21, 2008

And a poem for mom:

Sounds of September (2008)

The call of the blue jay does it for her,
My mother once told me.
That clear, insistent reminder,
Of the stillness that would soon be.

Clouds whispering to a blue sky,
Thirsty leaves rustling in the trees.
A tired butterfly drifting by,
Stealing some life from the breeze.

As the nagging geese set the mood,
The excitement of summer gives way,
To the quiet, the peace, the solitude,
Of a young mother on an August day.

She notices each sound, quiet and clear,
And allows them to briefly transport her,
To that promising, melancholy time of year,
And the sweet, sad sounds of September.


  1. This is the one I like. I especially like the sounds in the first stanza. The sound imagery of the blue jay reminding her "of the stillness would soon be" is striking. Also, I like the first line, "The call of the blue jay does it for her"...very poetic!

  2. Thanks Amy; my folks loved it, which made it even more special for me. I enjoyed writing it!