Friday, February 27, 2009

Money and Running

Two topics of prevalence in my life lately. Running, because I am trying. I have worked myself up to three walk/runs per week, and cross training in between (anything from Wii Fit to the gym at UMW.) It's going well. And by 'well' I mean I have not collapsed, fallen, or injured myself. And I am trying to push myself a little further each time. I have been helped along the way by patient friends who are willing to go out with me, pushing me a little further, and supporting me when I just can't (or won't...) I have a weight loss goal and I have a goal to hopefully one day be able to go out and run three miles as a part of my maintenance program. Beyond this, I am not putting any pressure on myself. So, it's going well. (Did I mention I am very sore?)

Money: they say it isn't the answer to everything, and I know that's true, but a little more can always help. So, I took steps to refinance my mortgage and got a really great deal with 'my' mortgage company. I am very happy. This allows me to pay down some debt (and I don't have a lot of debt; I usually pay everything off monthly, which is great but also the reason I'm often cash poor at the end of the month.) Anyhow, I can pay down on my car payment and a loan from my mother, plus get some much needed things done at my townhouse. This makes me happy. So no, money isn't the answer to everything, but it sure does help at times.

Things are going reasonably well with DD. She too seems to sense that things are getting better, she's gotten into a better rhythm at school and is looking forward to high school. We still need to deal with keeping her occupied this summer, but I'm confident we'll figure that out.

I feel like the sun is coming out, I'm getting my head above water, the fog is lifting. Or maybe it's just the fact that spring is coming. Yeah, that could be it, but whatever the reason, things are looking up.

May it be so.


  1. We deserve money honey.

    A fortune teller on Jackson St told me so yesterday. I was walking to Hurkamp to Janelle's pootluck and passed this soothsayer. I said, "Hello" and he said, "She is pretty. She deserves a rich, white, millionaire, pro-baseball or pro-basketball player husband who will buy her a million dollar mansion! She is pretty." I smiled and said thank you to Mr. Man. He smiled back and said, "You're welcome! Have a nice day." Dang, that's a blog post not a comment.
    I envy your discipline. When I run out of funds at the end of the month I just borrow from savings or a credit card. Oh yikes. Where's that rich guy that I so deserve? ;)

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